This Adult Coloring Book Features Your Favorite Modern Feminists

Photo: mrleslietran/Twiiter

With all that is going on in America right now, everyone can use a bit of stress relief. An increasing number of adults are using coloring books for just that, and now feminists have one geared specifically towards them.

Created by storyboard artist and illustrator Leslie Tran, The Modern Feminist Coloring Book ($12; is 60 pages long and features 23 illustrations of modern feminists. It also includes 30 quotes from picket signs used during the Jan. 21 San Francisco Women's March, and excerpts from speeches given at the Women's March on Washington.

Lady Gaga, Ellen Page, and Oprah Winfrey are just a few of the stars whose words pop up in the book.

"My inspiration for the book came from taking the MUNI train back home after walking in the San Francisco Women's March," Tran told Bustle. "I remember seeing hundreds of signs laid out from the entrance all the way to the ticket booth. They were funny, creative, empowering, and witty. Even on the crowded train ride home there was such a strong sense of unity in the air, it was contagious. I finished the book in two-and-a-half weeks."

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While Tran has created other coloring books that have centered on political satire in the past, he said his "intentions definitely shifted" with this one. "I'm more into helping people these days, spreading awareness for good causes through the subjects of my books," he continued. "I hope it gets people talking about what it means to be a modern feminist and mobilizes the Fempire to strike back against the Trumpire."

Although the feminist coloring book was just released Feb. 8, it quickly rose to the number one spot under Amazon's new releases section.

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