Adrian Grenier - Selfies
Credit: adriangrenier/Instagram

Look who turns 41 today! Entourage's Adrian Grenier is celebrating a milestone birthday. Lucky for Vincent Chase fans, Grenier is active on social media, taking us behind the scenes in everything from movie making to traveling, jamming to raising awareness for the environment.

In fact, this is one actor who truly harnesses the power of his celebrity as a platform for doing good. Grenier's lifestyle brand, SHFT, was co-created with a fellow producer to push sustainable living through the arts. One passion project: a crowd-funded documentary 52 to find the loneliest whale in the world, exposing the growing threat of noise pollution on aquatic life.

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If that wasn't enough, he's currently working a new movie, a drama titled Public Affairs about a presidential campaign gone wrong.

Smoldering eyes and a heart of gold? You won't have to twist our arm to follow Grenier on Instagram—and fortunately, this unabashed selfie lover is never short on delivering what the crowd wants! In honor of his big 41st birthday, we've rounded up his absolute hottest Instagram selfies.