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It's a rarer species than the jaguar shark, and pairs especially well with a red beanie.

Over the weekend, Adidas brought the collaboration of our dreams to life by releasing 100 pairs of the Zissou shoe of The Life Aquatic fame at the We Love Green music festival in Paris. Though Bill Murray wasn't around to show off how great they looked with a coordinating blue jumpsuit, Seu Jorge, who was featured in the film and covered a handful of Bowie singles in Portugese for the soundtrack, performed at the festival.

The Life Aquatic may be one of the more underrated Wes Anderson films, but we wanted to live within its muted color scheme and pelagic scenery in the exact same way we one day hope to move into the Tenenbaums' brightly-painted Archer Avenue home. Those Zissou sneakers made almost as big a stylistic statement as Chas Tenenbaum's red Adidas tracksuit or the initial-stamped suitcases from The Darjeeling Limitedin our minds, and the fan-base echoed our sentiment—a year after the film's release, a petition to create the Zissou Adidas sneakers for the masses circulated, but it was unlikely that it would come to fruition at the time. After all, the original design it was based around were those of the Adidas Roms, which were created in celebration of the 1959 Olympics, but were phased out after they peaked in the '80s.

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It goes without saying that a handful of the 100 pairs released over the weekend have likely made their way to eBay, where we predict they'll go for double the original price. We're currently awaiting word from Adidas on when the sneakers will be available to the rest of us mere mortals, but until then, the Steve Zissou-themed webstore over at should hold you over.