Adele - Lead
Credit: Slaven Vlasic/Getty Images

Rumor has it that Adele is finally back! The beloved British songstress reportedly teased a brand-new single in a commercial break Sunday night during an episode of The X Factor in the U.K.—and people are freaking out.

During the haunting 30-second clip, a woman (who sounds very much like Adele) can be heard singing while the lyrics to the soulful song flash across a black screen in white text.

"Hello / It's me / I was wondering if after all these years you'd like to meet to go over everything," the voice sang. "They say that time's supposed to heal ya but I ain't done much healing ..."

Can it be?

Speculation began last year that the 27-year-old Grammy-winner would drop a new album in November 2015—her first since the release of her record breaking album, 19, in 2008. According to Billboard, One Republic's Ryan Tedder, Danger Mouse, and Max Martin are among the collaborators on the upcoming album.

At tweet from One Republic shortly after the clip aired only confirmed suspicions that the commercial interruption was in fact a glimpse of Adele's new work. The band tweeted "Adele" along with a smiley face:

The good news is that if all of this is true, it's likely that we'll soon have access to full versions of Adele's new tunes.

Listen to the song below and decide for yourself: