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The secret is out! An insider posted a YouTube video of the the way Adele allegedly enters her concerts undetected—wheeled in via a large box! The audience at Adele's concert in Melbourne, Australia revealed this info to the rest of the world on Twitter, tweeting things like, "Just saw Adele's box!" and "Adele getting wheeled in to her stage by a box made my night!" after the multi award-winning artist's not-so-covert entrance.

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Footage of the standing ovation the bulky "box" received from fans was also shared to the social media site. During a previous show in Adelaide, Adele revealed that she worried fans had known her secret all along. Spoiler alert: they did. "I was scared, I was. I'm not lying. I was frightened," she explained. But even though the star said she would drop the charade saying, "Now, I'll just walk out and ruin the surprise and be like 'Oh hello, hello!'" the box still made an appearance, prompting theories that it may be a decoy. As Adele fans know, Adele has a history of pulling off elaborate ruses.

For her special, Adele At The BBC the singer teamed up with Graham Norton to fool contestants at an Adele Impersonator Contest by wearing full facial prosthetics. It was also recently revealed that Adele Adele has a secret twitter account for leaving "mouthy comments."

Fans will have to do some major sleuthing to keep up with the tricky performer.