She's playing Freddie Prinze Jr.'s role.

By Christopher Luu
Sep 11, 2020 @ 6:15 pm

Because absolutely nothing is sacred and movie studios clearly want to rehash old movies for maximum profit, the seminal '90s teen rom-com She's All That is coming back with a gender-swapped plotline and TikTok superstar and Kardashian bestie Addison Rae (full name Addison Rae Easterling) playing the lead role. Variety reports that the project has been in the pipeline for years and that the Easterling casting news means that it's one step closer to being a reality and not a complete joke and fans of the original can fume over the fact that an unnecessary remake will tarnish the film's sterling reputation as one of the best teen comedies of all time.

Credit: Ronald Siemoneit / Contributor

The original film, which premiered in 1999, had Freddie Prinze Jr. as Zack Siler opposite Rachael Leigh Cook's Laney Boggs, a hero to awkward-feeling secretly hot glasses-wearing girls everywhere. The new version has Easterling playing a character inspired by Siler named Padget, only she's an influencer instead of the school's star jock and she'll be trying to turn a nerd into prom king. She's All That was inspired by George Bernard Shaw's Pygmalion and 1964's My Fair Lady and banked on the success of 1995's Clueless, which was a modern take on Jane Austen's Emma. The new She's All That — incredibly inspired working title: He's All That — also comes with a teen movie pedigree: R. Lee Fleming Jr., the writer behind the original movie, will be writing the updated version and the Mark Waters will direct. He's got another classic on his résumé: Mean Girls. There's no news on whether or not the iconic prom dance sequence set to Fatboy Slim's "Funk Soul Brother" will return.

Easterling has 58 million followers on TikTok and He's All That will be her first feature film. Entertainment Weekly notes that Easterling is one of the first TikTok personalities to act in a major studio film. Easterling announced the news on her Instagram feed.

"My dreams are coming true!!! I’m so excited to finally share the news that i am getting the opportunity to make my acting debut in HE'S ALL THAT which is a remake of one of my all time favorite movies, SHE'S ALL THAT," she wrote. "I'm so grateful for the opportunities that have been presented to me and none of it would have ever happened without every single one of you. I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH!! I can't wait for you to see it!!! I can't wait to work with this amazing team and everyone involved in making the film and am so thankful to everyone who gave me this incredible opportunity. THANK YOU!! I'm so excited for y'all to meet Padget!!!"