Adam Scott Shares His Best Tips for Partying Down

"The Overnight" New York Premiere
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Hollywood power couple Naomi and Adam Scott—she, the producer-genius, and he, the hilarious leading man with a goofy charm—do a lot of entertaining at their Los Angeles house. But they became true experts during the filming of their current film, The Overnight, in which Adam stars as an L.A. transplant who, along with his wife (played by OITNB's Taylor Schilling), are invited to a dinner date at the home a a new friend (Jason Schwartzman, at his earnest best) that goes seriously off the deep end. It's in theaters now, and will make you double over with laughter—and feel a whole lot better about any average dinner date you've had with other couples.

Here the real-life couple shares their kooky, slightly OCD tips and pitfalls to InStyle for our series Summer in Style.

Naomi: "My rule #1 is that drinks must be in hand before conversation starts. I'm hyper-aware when a guest is without a beverage, and I start to drown out any conversation until that wrong has been righted."

Adam: "I tend to painstakingly pore over the playlist for an upcoming get-together as if the sole purpose of the party is to admire Adam’s Wonderfully Curated Music Collection, and absolutely nothing else. I am tortured by big questions like, 'Does Iron & Wine segue into Solange Knowles as well as I think it does, or am I fooling myself?' as I’m falling asleep, nights before the event. But the thing is, it’s a party. The playlist is literally background noise and no one will care whether Huey Lewis & the News is being played ironically or not…or will they? They will! Time to revise hour 3."

Naomi: "Beautiful linens, like my friend Heather Taylor's, are perfect for dressing up a simple pizza party or taco night. Plus they cover marks on the table left behind by Legos and Hot Wheels."

Adam: "For whatever reason, it’s always my job to make the last-minute run to the grocery store for the must-have party items we forgot. This is usually ice, which is a huge bummer because it’s heavy and very cold. Ever buy a big bag of ice, place it in your trunk and forget about it until two days later? I have, and it’s terrific. Flowers are another party item I’m often frantically running out the door to retrieve, always coming back with the wrong ones."

Naomi: "I must have seen this in a Nancy Meyers movie, but I have this notion that an ideal hostess doesn't wear shoes. Feels very bohemian and chic but ultimately it's one less thing I have to think of before guests arrive."

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