By Jennifer Davis
Updated Feb 16, 2018 @ 2:00 pm
Credit: Maddie Meyer / Getty

Olympic figure skater Adam Rippon is quickly becoming one of the best part of the winter games. When the 28-year-old athlete is not winning medals on the ice—he and earned a bronze medal in the team figure skating competition—he's sharing his unfiltered thoughts on Twitter.

While a lot of his Tweets are light-hearted, sometimes he has to deal with the haters, who despite his achievements, are determined to bring him down. Tuesday was no exception as Rippon took to Twitter to roast the haters who have recently sent him messages saying that they hope he fails.

VIDEO: Meet Team USA: Adam Rippon

That's pretty brutal to see, especially in the midst of your first Olympics, but Rippon had what is quite possibly the best response ever.

"To all those who tweet at me saying that they 'hope I fail,' I have failed many times many times in my life," he began. "But more importantly, I’ve learned from every setback, proudly own up to my mistakes, grown from disappointments, and now I’m a glamazon bitch ready for the runway."

If that isn't the best clap back we've ever seen, we don't know what is. The tweet is hardly the first time he's made us literally laugh out loud, though. Following his Friday program, the skater met with NBC's Andrea Joyce to discuss what fuels him on the ice. "I went out there and I was like Adam, Andrea's watching and you gotta do this for her because she's wearing a statement necklace and you're at the Olympics," he joked, then telling her the reason for his success at 28: "I can't explain witchcraft."

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