Find Out What Secondhand Cravings Adam Levine Gets from Pregnant Wife Behati Prinsloo

Adam Levine on the Tonight Show VIDEO
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Adam Levine could not be more excited for his wife Behati Prinsloo's pregnancy, even if it comes along with some interesting cravings. He told Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show Thursday that the expecting supermodel has been all about the fruit, specifically watermelon. "She's eating a lot of watermelon. Like a lot of watermelon cause they get like random cravings and it's just like so much watermelon!" said Levine. "That's not bad," said Fallon. "It's delicious," said Levine. "You think it would be ice cream," he said. "Oh there's that stuff too," said Levine. "You're getting secondhand cravings?" asked Fallon. "Yeah I eat a lot of stuff," he said smiling.

But despite some sympathy pregnancy pounds Levine may end up putting on, he is thrilled to be a father. "I'm gonna be a dad! I'm super excited!" he told Fallon, confirming that kids had always been part of his plan. He also verified that he and Prinsloo will be having a little girl. "I have two little girls. It's the best thing that will ever happen to you," said Fallon. Fallon also added that Levine will be a great dad, "a musical dad." A watermelon eating, musical dad! What could be more fun than that?

The stunning couple announced they were having their first child in March. They were married in 2014.

Watch Levine talk about his wife's crazy cravings and being a dad in the clip above (go to 21:00)

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