It looks like Christmas came early, because Maroon 5 is back at it!

Fans of the band won't have to wait very long for new music, because members took to Twitter to announce that their forthcoming single "What Lovers Do" will be out Aug. 30.

The pop rock band has been hard at work since their last album V was released in 2014, and they've released a steady stream of singles every year since. Still, new music is good music, especially from such an iconic band.

While all of that is exciting, don't expect Maroon 5 to show up at MTV's Video Music Awards to promote their songs anytime soon. While the buzzy Katy Perry-hosted event on Sunday certainly had its fair share of star-powered moments (and a hot red carpet and new Taylor Swift music video to boot), Maroon 5 lead singer Adam Levine had some strong opinions about how the night went down.

Before announcing "What Lovers Do," Levine took to Twitter with a bone to pick with this year's VMAs.

"It's always exciting to see how utterly horrible the VMAs will be," he wrote. "They really delivered so far this year."

What specifically was horrible? According to Levine, the blame lie in the performances (or lack thereof).

"Julia Michaels gets cut off while she's singing and Lorde gets to NOT sing her whole song," he wrote.

To be fair, Lorde tweeted out that she was so sick she had to be connected to an IV, but Levine's anger at Michaels's performance being cut short is pretty valid, especially since he's a fan. Earlier in the evening (pre-VMAs Twitter rant), he even spent time encouraging his followers to vote for her for VMAs Best New Artist.

Who knows, maybe next year Michaels and Maroon 5 can team up and bring the VMAs house down themselves. We can only dream.