By Jennifer Davis
Updated Feb 20, 2014 @ 1:40 pm
Joy Gryson, Dunlop
Credit: Courtesy Photo (3)

Accessorizing on (and off) the tennis court just got a lot easier thanks to luxury handbag designer and longtime tennis player Joy Gryson. She’s teamed up with sportswear outfitter Dunlop to create a 3-piece collection of bags that look as good on the court as they do off. "I’m an avid tennis fan and player," Gryson tells exclusively. "For years I was on the search for a cool tennis bag that was also really functional until one day I thought, why not design one?" And thus, her collaboration with Dunlop was born.

"For me collaborating was all about pushing myself to design something that was outside my immediate view of luxury handbags," she says. "But I also wanted to stay within a familiar and functional world." The result? Luxurious tennis bags that perfectly combine function and style, and of course, her love of crisp tennis whites. "I always prefer the classic whites when it comes to my tennis wardrobe, but my accessories both on and off the court need to feel more modern." Mission accomplished. Each bag features on-trend neutrals and pops of color, taking the athletic accessory far beyond the court. Ready to ace your tennis style? Shop the bags (prices starting at $445) at

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