Absinthe Fragrance LEAD
Credit: Courtesy

It turns out, you can chase the green fairy right into your beauty routine. Absinthe is one of those legendary spirits to launch a thousand poems, songs, and references in movies, with a forever-infamous status as a liquor cabinet outlaw. Now, fragrance house Absolument Parfumer is extending the elixir to your vanity with some of the first absinthe-inspired scents. Founder Pascal Rolland actually helped to reintroduce the liquor in France back in 1999 after an 84-year ban, then crossed over into the beauty world in 2005 when he launched the fragrances in Europe. The lineup, available for the first time in the U.S. and Canada, includes five very different scents, with most infused with heady notes of wormwood and cannabis in the spirit of the infamous liquor. We can't promise any Moulin Rouge-esque hallucinations featuring Kylie Minogue will take place, but considering that the real deal featuring wormwood isn't sold in the U.S., you're guaranteed an experience no matter which option you choose. Head over to now to find out where you can pick up a bottle for $155.

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