Abigail Breslin Describes Her Scream Queens Character’s Fashion as “Elsa from Frozen at Coachella”

Premiere Of FOX TV's "Scream Queens" - Arrivals
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Abigail Breslin is perhaps better known for her killer roles in Signs, No Reservations, and My Sister’s Keeper than for her daring red-carpet choices, but that’s all bound to change once Scream Queens fanatics get a hold of her wardrobe as Chanel #5 on the new Fox show. For the program’s L.A. premiere last night, the 19-year-old blonde wore a faux fur Tadashi Shoji dress she suggests is what her character would sport in front the cameras. “She’s always wearing a fur, but I also wanted to do something that’s comfortable, and by the way, I just didn’t feel like being uncomfortable,” she told us.

It was obvious that the talent has so far enjoyed working with the star-studded cast, noting that “the girls are like my big sisters and I love them” and that it’s been “super fun” to work with iconic actresses like Jamie Lee Curtis. But while we expect Breslin to once more nail her over-the-top role as Chanel #5, it’s the wardrobe we’re counting down the hours to see.

So which is her top look from the show? “My favorite one is this outfit that I wore that’s like this big blue fur coat with this cropped sparkly top and a sparkly pencil skirt,” she says. “Chanel #5 takes a lot of risks and goes crazy with her outfits. And like these huge Gucci heels and a big star tiara. We like to call it the ‘Coch-Elsa’ look because it kind of looks like I’m Elsa from Frozen at Coachella.” Will audiences let it go once the look makes its debut onscreen? We’ll tune in to find out.

Scream Queens premieres tonight at 8 p.m. on Fox.

—With reporting by Brandi Fowler

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