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Kerry Washington has always been a personal favorite. I still remember her Save the Last Dance days, and I've followed her enthusiastically as her career took an acclaimed turn as Jamie Foxx's wife in Django Unchained and in Ray (way before her days as the Armani suit wearing Olivia Pope).

Although her style has evolved from movie to movie, one thing remains the same: She's a classic beauty that stuns every-single-time she hits the red carpet. So, naturally I jumped at the opportunity to find out what it really takes to get her hair ready for the cameras. Washington's personal hairstylist, Takisha Sturdivant-Drew, literally changed my life after giving my hair the Washington treatment.

Here's everything I learned from the hair pro.

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When I first arrived at the salon I was given a pamphlet that included several of Washington's hottest red carpet looks. There were so many gorgeous options, from her classic up-dos to her perfectly coiled curls, it was tough to pick which look I wanted to go with. In the end, I chose to channel a casual version of Washington's soft waves from the 2014 Oscars (what's not to like?)

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Immediately after receiving a shampoo and conditioner I could already feel the difference in my hair's texture. Sturdivant-Drew explained that she used the Neutrogena Triple Repair Deep Recovery Mask, which is the same treatment that Washington loves.

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The Washington treatment didn't stop there. Sturdivant-Drew used everything in my hair that she uses on the actress, such as the Neutrogena Shampoo, Anti-Residue formula, which removed product build up from my hair without stripping it of it's natural oils, and the Silk Touch Leave-In Cream, which prepped my locks for heat styling.

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To replicate Washington's curls, a 1-inch barrel curling iron was deployed to create soft ringlets. Each curl was created by dividing my hair into small sections. The trick is to curl each piece in different directions to keep all of the curls from raveling together. Once my entire head was completed, Washington's hairstylist finger combed through my hair to achieve that effortless look. Suffice it to say, my life (and my hair) will never be the same!

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