The '90s Are Still Having a Moment: Will Smith, Daria, and Your Old-School Tamagotchi Prove It

Daria - Will Smith - Tamagotchi
Photo: 20th Century Fox, Courtesy Photo (2)

There is a serious '90s renaissance going on! On the heels of NSync's epic reunion at the MTV VMAs, Will Smith is in talks to star in Independence Day 2, the Huffington Post reports. We're keeping our fingers crossed he accepts the offer, as his role as Captain Steven Hiller holds a special place in our hearts. The '90s revival is also extending into the fashion world: The Tamagotchi you loved back in the day is moving from your keychain to your wardrobe! Mighty Fine clothing has teamed up with the people behind everyone's favorite digital pet to create a range of accessories and apparel. No word yet on when the items arrive on store shelves, but it's a clever way to give the toy new life without hitting the restart button. Finally, just in time for New York Fashion Week, Italian designer Michele Moricci teamed up with Swagger New York to give the most iconic '90s cartoon characters catwalk-inspired makeovers -- including Daria Morgendorffer. We're sure Lawndale High's Fashion Club would approve of her new Prabal Gurung ensemble. Head over to to check out each of the illustrations now!

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