9 Things You Didn't Know About The Boy Next Door's Ryan Guzman

Ryan Guzman
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Ryan Guzman, you officially have our attention. The Boy Next Door actor, who stars alongside Jennifer Lopez in the thrilling film (and even accompanied the actress to the Golden Globes), first burst on to the scene in 2012's Step Up Revolution as the incredibly sexy Sean, and we haven't been able to take our eyes off him since. And although it's no secret that Guzman is hot, hot, hot (see his incredible physique in all its glory below), there's a lot about the actor that you may not know. We caught up with Guzman to get the lowdown on how he got into acting, what he does in his downtime, and some juicy tidbits on JLo. Read on for all the details:

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1. He enjoys drawing and writing."I do a lot of writing and creating [in my downtime]," he says. "So whether it’s a script or poetry or short stories or even drawing and painting. I like doing that as well. So just kind of staying creative and keeping in mind working and growing through different types of art. Those are the kind of things that keep me busy."

2. He moved to L.A. to become a mixed martial arts (MMA) fighter."I came out to L.A. with no intentions of acting. I just wanted to kind of continue my MMA career and do some modeling that could finance that." Luckily, modeling led to commercials, which gave Guzman the acting bug.

3. Once he decided he wanted to be an actor, he wasted no time finding a leading role."After doing some lessons and reading up on acting and figuring out how to get into the industry, I signed with a manager, and two months—no, nine months after moving out to L.A. I booked my very first lead as Sean in Step Up Revolution."

Ryan Guzman
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4. He first met Jennifer Lopez at her house."[I first met Jennifer] at the table read," Guzman says." She was really down to earth. I mean, in her amazing, gorgeous, awesome, beautiful house, you know. So it was kind of, again, surreal, where you’re in this dreamland of her house and you find out that the person living in it is actually a regular, cool, down-to-earth, genuine person."

5. He prepared for his role in The Boy Next Door by researching serial killers."I did a bunch of research on different serial killers because I feel like serial killers are people that you don’t ever see coming. They’re these people that give off this fake life, this fake attitude. And play this game with others that are around them and hide their true nature and they slowly but surely let out their true nature. And then finally when people find out they’re actually pretty evil, it’s way too late."

6. His sex scene with Lopez was his first time being nude on camera."It was extremely awkward. It’s the only time I’ve ever gotten nude in front of everybody else—like a camera. Quite a few guys as far as the camera man and grips and boom operator. So these guys that I’ve just met a week and a half before and lo and behold here I am, just baring all. And at the same time I’m doing it right in front of Jennifer, who—she is who she is. It’s just kind of crazy."

7. When it comes to date night attire, he likes a girl who leaves a bit to the imagination."I know a lot of girls nowadays are, you know, starting to show a little bit more skin, but I know for me—I can’t speak for all guys—when you hide a little bit more, it does something to men," Guzman says. "It kind of drives men wild—whether it be a little nice dress or some really nice clothes that makes you wonder."

8. He doesn't see himself as a sex symbol."I feel honored [to be considered a sex symbol]," Guzman says. "I’m not going to lie, it’s kind of weird. Yeah, cause when I look in the mirror I just see somebody who’s goofy and idiotic like I said, down to have a good time, but if other people perceive me a different way, and especially in such a way like that, I’m not going to obviously fight them about it."

9. He loves Sam Smith just as much as the rest of us.[I don't sing karaoke] but when I’m by myself, I go for something hard and I turn up the volume so hard that I can’t hear myself. It’s kind of anything Sam Smith. I close my eyes and wish that I could sing like him."

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