Dawson's Creek, InStyle's Summer Soiree, USA Gymnastics, The Great Gatsby
Credit: Everett; Getty Images; Courtesy Photos (2)

Heading out this weekend? Get your small talk inspiration from some of the biggest stories of the week!

1. Did you hear? It's a week of milestones! Natalie Portman got married, while Kristin Cavallari had a baby.2. What's the best summer party you've been to? Check out the bash InStyle hosted!3. We said goodbye to Marvin Hamlisch, the genius behind A Chorus Line.4. Dallas ended its run this week (fashionably, of course).5. And so did the Misty Mae and Kerri power duo, with a gold medal to boot.6. The Fab Fab got a sweet shout-out from the cast of The Vampire Diaries.7. Have you checked out Lauren Conrad's fall collection for Kohl's?8. The casts of 90210 and Dawson's Creek are reuniting, and it feels so good.9. Wait, The Great Gatsby is coming out next year? We'll never let go, Leo!