By Grace Gavilanes
Updated Jan 06, 2015 @ 5:46 pm
Credit: Laura Cavanaugh/FilmMagic

Below is an excerpt from "9 Amazing Hair Products That Are Probably Sitting in Your Fridge," which originally appeared on POPSUGAR BEAUTY. Read the full story at

Put down that credit card and step away from the computer. You don't need to buy yet another $50 deep-conditioning mask. That's because, chances are, you already have a whole spa's worth of hair products at your fingertips, or at least in the next room. Behind your refrigerator doors are food items that will not only go great in that new dip recipe, but also make your locks shiny, soft, and strong.

Just this week, Blake Lively revealed that mayonnaise is one of the secret ingredients in her hair care arsenal, sharing that she puts the white stuff on the ends of her hair to prevent shampoo from drying them out. If the condiment has anything to do with the way that girl's hair looks, we'll have what she's having.

Scientifically it makes sense, because the same nutritional properties that make these ingredients so desirable in dishes also make them powerful conditioners, cleansers, and fortifiers. From avocado to beer, here are nine culinary ingredients you can multitask to give store-bought hair products a run for their money.