8 Great Weekend Conversation Starters

Weekend Conversation Startesr
Photo: Ramey Photo; Getty Images (2); Wenn; FilmMagic; ImaxTree; Picture Group; Everett Collection

Heading out this weekend? Get your small talk inspiration from some of the week’s biggest stories!

1. Can we get any more fierce rocker ladies up in here? No, because Pink's album debuted at number one and Gwen Stefani's No Doubt released their first album in 11 years, thankyouverymuch.2. Pass the Pampers—Reese Witherspoon and Sarah Michelle Gellar both had baby boys!3. Soooo, this is what it means to look sexy on screen, skivvy-style.4. The CW is obsessed with the Olympics. We said it!5. The most expensive dress in the world is worth almost $6 million. Totally getting it.6. Oh, hey there, Sean! New Bachelor, eh? *wink*7. Milan Fashion Week came and went—here is everything you need to know!8. It feels like forever ago by now, but on Sunday, everyone went nuts for the Emmy Awards. Including us!

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