8 Conversation Starters for Labor Day Weekend

Conversation Starters
Photo: Getty Images (2); Courtesy Photos (3)

Are you planning to have a blowout Labor Day weekend? Don't get stuck at the block party barbecue with nothing to say. Get your small talk inspiration from some of the biggest stories of the week!

1. IT’S ON at the US Open. See the wildest looks, the women’s outfits, the men to watch, and the star fans.2. Oprah is the richest celebrity on the planet. (You get a car!!! Just kidding.)3. How does Taylor Swift make breaking up look so good?4. Ann Romney stole the spotlight in Oscar de la Renta. Remember that?5. How does Kate Middleton make something old look so new?6. Never forget: Michael Jackson and Princess Diana.7. Cinderella is having quite the year. Cartoons > Celebrities.8. BRITNEY IS BACK. Well, almost.

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