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Somewhere along the line (pun intended), horizontal stripes got a bad rap. Some say they make you appear wider, and especially if you're not a willowy 5'10", the pattern is just not for you. Well, we're out to prove the naysayers wrong. In fact, there’s always a way to flatter a petite frame with the right styles. Take Olivia Munn, standing at 5'4'', who slayed the red carpet with striped Giambattista Valli separates. We took inspiration from her daring look and broke down seven ways petites can take on the trend.

Take a Chance with Color-Block

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Choose items that aren’t fully striped. A color-blocked top is a great way to avoid drowning your frame.

J. Crew tee, $45;

The Thinner, the Better

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Topshop top, $22;

Similar to Munn’s look, skinny stripes can lengthen the body.

Layer the Look

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Add solid layers to balance out the horizontal stripes.

Asos top, $33;

Pint-Sized Pieces

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Tighten the lines with a form fitting dress that’ll keep you looking leaner.

Reformation dress, $88;

Add a Belt

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Accentuate with a belt to define your hourglass figure.

Bailey44 dress, $168;

Split Them Up

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When in doubt, go for separates. Splitting up the stripes will less likely overwhelm your figure.

Lovers and Friends top, $80; Lovers and Friends skirt, $72;

All Different Directions

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Find unique pieces that mix and match linear elements. The varying directions naturally lead the eye in an up and down, vertical motion.

Tome dress, $495;