By Claire Stern
May 20, 2014 @ 3:59 pm
Rodrigo Vaz/FilmMagic

If you’ve kept abreast of recent music reviews, 2014's song of the summer title could go to French-Canadian funk duo Chromeo for the tune “Jealous (I Ain’t with It).”

The group—composed of childhood friends David Macklovitch and Patrick Gemayel (better known by their stage monikers Dave 1 and P-Thugg)—has made music for more than a decade and attracted a substantial cult funk following, but only until recently did they reach Top 40 status. Macklovitch credits the band's current success to "a lot of hard work" and the public’s recent response to their funky ’80s-style sound. "'Jealous' is a digest of everything we've always been about but packed with way more punch," he told "It's got a little more sheen." So does the music video, which premiered this week (watch it below!).

In the spirit of good fun, we asked Macklovitch to go where no self-respecting man has gone before and list off things that make a guy jealous, a.k.a. things a girl can do to give her significant other a healthy dose of jealousy. Read on if you dare.

1. Talk to other guys while wearing a jacket your boyfriend bought you. This one's paramount for Macklovitch—it's lifted from the lyrics in the song. "Buying a girl a jacket is basically a way of marking your territory," he says. "If she goes and gets flirtatious with other dudes while she’s wearing a jacket that you paid for, that’s just brutal."

2. Make eye contact with the bartender while you're on a date. "On a date, you're usually seated at the bar, so your girl's natural position is to look at the bartender," Macklovitch explains. "It's very uncomfortable: She's looking at some other guy who’s cracking jokes at her, and you’re trying to get a word in, but you’re completely powerless because all the power goes to the bartender. It’s a lose-lose situation."

3. Suggest a movie date with a hot male lead. "I used to have a policy with my girlfriends: We could not go see a movie with Gael García Bernal in it," he says. "You’re sitting next to her, and you’re lucky if you get any attention during those two hours. She’s looking straight at a guy who’s 100 times cuter than you."

4. Wait more than 30 minutes to respond to your texts. "More than 30 minutes counts like cheating," Macklovitch says. "I don’t want to wonder about why you’re not answeringI know you read it!"

5. Turn your "read" indicator off. "I request that everyone around me turns it on."

6. Be on Snapchat. "Anyone who’s on Snapchat is just a recipe for disaster."

7. Like everything on Instagram. We all know that liking someone's photo or status update is a 21st century form of flirtation. Says Macklovitch, "Really, our only hope of revenge is liking all the Cara Delevingne and Rihanna pictures in the world."

Chromeo's “Jealous (I Ain’t with It)” Music Video: