Richard Madden as Cinderella's Prince Charming
Credit: Jonathan Olley/ Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures/Courtesy Everett Collection

Did you see the trailer for Disney’s new live-action adaptation of Cinderella and think to yourself, "Who is the handsome Prince?" Well, you’re not alone. While Game of Thrones fans will recognize the film’s star Richard Madden from his days playing the doomed (but hunky) Robb Stark, the 28-year-old actor is a relative newcomer for many. With Cinderella hitting the big screen today, we made it our mission to discover everything we could about Madden. Scroll down to see the seven most interesting things we learned.

1. He started acting at a young age.Madden joined a youth drama group at age 11 to overcome shyness and he soon was cast as a rape victim in the 2000 drama Complicity.

2. He comes from a very normal family.His father was in the fire service, and his mother was a classroom assistant.

3. He's pretty tall as actors go.Madden stands at 5'11''.

4. He's still really tight with his Game of Thrones co-stars.See below photo for proof.

5. He's not British!Madden is actually a proud Scot (and one of their most eligible bachelors, obviously).

6. He's a bookworm.Madden told People that his perfect weekend involves a good book.

7. Sorry ladies, he's taken.The blue-eyed heartthrob has been happily dating Dr. Who star Jenna Coleman since 2011.