By Katie Donbavand
Updated Feb 26, 2015 @ 3:45 pm
Chrissie Fit
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There's a new Pitch in town! Pitch Perfect 2 opens nationwide May 15, and while we eagerly await singing in public in the theater for the premiere, we caught up with Chrissie Fit, the newest Barden Bella joining Anna Kendrick, Rebel Wilson, and Brittany Snow on their quest for worldwide acapella domination.

The General Hospital and Teen Beach Movie alum stopped by the InStyle offices on a recent trip to New York City, and gave us some insight on what to expect from the sequel. "It really nurtures what the first one was," she told us. "It was just so cool to see a group of girls be funny, raunchy, crazy, weird, and everyone just accept it and get together." And that's not all. Scroll down to see more reasons why this release is going to be aca-awesome (we couldn't resist). Is it too early to wish for a trilogy?

1. Fit's Job Is to Be the Girl Who Keeps It Real

Fit, along with Oscar-nominated Hailee Steinfeld, is a new Barden Bella who replaced the graduating seniors from the last movie. "My character's name is Florentia "Flo" Fuentes and I am a foreign exchange student from South America," Fit told us. "I bring a different perspective to the group. Being that I come from very humble beginnings and they make a big deal about all these little things, all this acapella stuff that, so I kind of bring in a 'real world perspective. Therein lies the comedy!"

2. Our Girl-Crush Elizabeth Banks Plays an Even Bigger Role

Banks isn't just reprising her daffy announcer character for the flick, she's also directing it. "Elizabeth Banks is so wonderful. She is funny and fun and really gets it," Fit told us. Banks helped Fit develop a secret backstory for her character Flo, and even walked her to set on the first day of rehearsal. "She was like my mom dropping me off in kindergarten. She's sensitive, but also such a focus and drive. I just want to work with her forever!"

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3. She Did a Secret Barden Bella Initiation, But Won't Divulge Details

One of the best parts of Pitch Perfect is the friendships on display. That's because the Bellas are actually friends. Being the newbie, Fit acclimated quickly, but admitted there was an initiation that took place (she remained tight-lipped about the debauchery's details). "We are sworn to secrecy. Sworn to secrecy," Fit said. She did let one tidbit slip: Fellow new Bella Hailee Steinfeld's initiation had to be adjusted slightly since she's underage at 18. "Her's was, uh, modified," confessed Fit.

4. There'll Be Plenty of Improv, of Course, Because Rebel Wilson Is Back

What's it really like to work with Rebel? Fit can sum it up in one word: "Ridiculous." Fit sparred with Rebel's rapid-fire improv-ing, and it became one of her favorite on-set moments. "That was really fun to do because just when I'm like, 'I got her! She can't get any darker or weirder [than this]!' Then, she does. She's always one step up!"

Pitch Perfect 2 Cast Photo
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5. The Riff-Off Will Be Epic

One of our favorite scenes in Pitch Perfect was the Riff-Off, the after-hours, street-style acapella sing-off in an empty swimming pool. To our delight, the scenario returns in the sequel. "We shot the Riff-Off in five days because it's that massive," Fit said. "Elizabeth Banks did a great job bringing it all together. The Riff-Off itself could have been a movie. The Riff-Off in part two is just insane." This time around, the action took place in a underground speakeasy, hosted by the hilarious David Cross. Speaking of the Riff-Off ...

6. There Will Be Unexpected Guest Stars

The Riff-Off contains an amazing cameo by the Green Bay Packers as an acapella team. Yes, the real Green Bay Packers. How did a group of professional football players become the unlikeliest acapella singers ever? They're apparently big fans of the first movie. "They even work out to the Pitch Perfect soundtrack," Fit said. "They train to it. They're split—some of the guys train to with the soundtrack and then the other group of guys who are, like, listening to Jay Z and, you know, appropriate gym music."

In the film, they perform "Bootylicious" by Beyoncé, "and it is just pure comedy," said Fit. "They are just so fun and so funny. We were like, 'Can they stay for the rest of the shoot?'" They even know the choreography from the first movie. "Our behind-the-scenes guy caught them basically doing the whole finale from the Bellas in the first film," said Fit. "It's crazy how much they know! It was awesome. They're so funny." Here's hoping that makes it to the DVD extras.

7. There'll Be Plenty of Beyoncé

As if the Green Bay Packers singing "Bootylicious" during the Riff-Off wasn't enough, we'll also get to see the Bellas perform Beyoncé's ode to feminism "Who Run the World (Girls)" in their big competition number. Fit lept at the chance to channel Queen Bey to a packed house of thousands of cheering extras: "It was the day [of] and I walked out on the stage, and I thought to myself, "I am Beyoncé. I am Beyoncé right now!' Everyone there was a fan of the first movie, so when we came out, the fans were screaming. We could have literally been doing the chicken dance and they would have been screaming. It was so, so cool."

Watch a trailer of the film below, and check it out when it opens May 15 nationwide. Buy your tickets now, Pitches!