7 Great Weekend Conversation Starters

Gabby Douglas, Mariah Carey, Taylor Swift, Ryan Lochte, Kate Middleton, Jessica Biel
Photo: BroadImage; Getty Images (2); RexUSA; Courtesy (3)

Heading out this weekend? Get your small talk inspiration from some of the biggest stories of the week!

1. Gabby Douglas won the All-Around gold medal! And you can shop her fab podium look.2. It's hard to choose our favorite swim boy, but Ryan Lochte's American flag grill will make or break your decision.3. Some new things happened: Taylor Swift' got a Kennedy, this Mariah song, and Katy Perry's hair changed again.4. And some things that never get old: Kate's Stella McCartney and Roksanda Ilincic dresses.5. Jessica Biel looks fantastic in her Total Recall costumes.6. Carly Rae Jepsen is nominated for a VMA! See who else made the list.7. And finally, the Dancing with the Stars All-Star cast is out, and it's a complete '90s party. Who are you rooting for?

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