Credit: Giampaolo Sgura

In addition to the gorgeous, supermodel-like pictures of Taylor Swift inside InStyle's November issue, on newsstands now, the 23-year-old also opens up to writer Lesley Rotchford about everything from finally having guy friends to admitting that she's never truly been in love (yet). While the interview is loaded with honest, heartfelt admissions from the singer, there's a whole lot more of the conversation that didn't make it into our pages. (For starters, her best relationship advice, the last time she cried, and what makes her happy.) Check out the tidbits we just couldn't squeeze in below, and pick up InStyle's November issue, available on newsstands and for digital download now.

1. Fave song to sing on tour: "'Trouble.' It was the furthest thing people expected on this album, and I loved making something that sounded like nothing I had done before."

2. Coolest celeb she's met at an awards show: "Mick Jagger. He was such gentleman. We met and then he asked me to sing with The Rolling Stones in Chicago."

3. Best relationship advice you've given to a friend: "Actually, I think you have to know that whatever advice you give, they may not take it. The priority should be on keeping the friendship rather than giving the best advice. Your best advice is usually, 'Walk away from him! Tell him you never want to see him again!' But if you are dealing with someone still in love, nothing you say can change their feelings. All you can do is be there for them and pick them up every time they get hurt. Until, that is, they are ready to move on for themselves."

4. Fashion style she tries to avoid: "Pencil skirts. It's a weird look for me."

5. What life will look like at 30: "I envision a lot of coziness and warmth. I don't know where I stand on family and kids right now because I can't picture things without all the pieces of the puzzle. I don't even have a semblance of an idea of a boyfriend right now. I don't even have a mental daydream of who he would be. And who that person is determines what the rest of the puzzle looks like."

6. Last time she cried: "Have you ever seen that commercial for Dawn with the baby ducks with oil all over them from a spill, and they get baths using Dawn? And then they are set free? And they do the same thing with some otters. I cried hysterically!"

7. Last time she was blissfully happy: "The other day. I was with friends, paddle boarding out in a harbor. We were laying out on our boards and talking. It was a beautiful day."