7 Conversation Starters for the Holiday Weekend

Weekend Conversation Starters
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Meeting up with family and friends this holiday weekend? Ensure there are no awkward silences with these conversation starters, taken from the week’s biggest stories!

1. It's holiday time! See Kourtney's gingerbread mansion; Kate Bosworth's holiday shopping favorite; Kate Mara's holiday braid; Blake Lively's holiday video for Gucci; and stars rock sequin dresses.2. The X Factor picked a winner, and so did The Voice!3. Gossip Girl is over forever: Look back with costume designer Eric Daman, get the finale fashion credits, see Blair marry Chuck in Elie Saab, and try on the girls's different hairstyles.4. Miss USA won Miss Universe for the first time in 15 years!5. The new Great Gatsby trailer is out, and it looks totally awesome.6. Baby news! Claire Danes welcomed a son, and Channing Tatum is expecting.7. Sigh of relief! Kate Middleton and baby are fine, and wearing Alexander McQueen.

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