7? 40? 85? Drew Barrymore, Margot Robbie & More Stars Tell Us the Age They'd Want to Remain Forever

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In The Age of Adaline, Blake Lively's character stays 29 for nearly eight decades. Inspired by the film, hitting theaters today, we asked celebs: Which age would you want to be forever?

Margot Robbie: 7"That was a very carefree age---the oldest you can be and still believe in Santa Claus!"


Brie Larson: 7"At that age, there's a sense of magic, possibility---and no self-consciousness, which is a beautiful thing."

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Greer Grammer: 17"It was my favorite year. It was a mess and I was heartbroken, but I loved everything. Now that I'm past it, I love everything about it."

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Laverne Cox: 17"That's when your skin's good and your metabolism is high. But I'd want the intelligence I have now."

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Gigi Hadid: 23"It's my lucky number!"

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Viola Davis: 28"I had just graduated Julliard, and I didn't know life was going to be hard just yet. I liked bathing in that ignorance."

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Jamie Chung: 31"You have your career in mind, and you've realized who your closest friends are. You have tons of energy---it's the perfect age to get married and start popping out babies."

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Joanne Froggatt: 34"When you hit your early 30s, you feel confident and comfortable in your own skin."

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Chloë Sevigny: 35"That was my peak. I was trim, slim, making an effort, and slaying the dudes. It was a good time."

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Molly Sims: 37"You know enough, but you're not 40 yet. It was a great age for me."

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Rashida Jones: 40"It's so uncomfortable to be in your 20s. At 40, many women have their best relationships."

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Drew Barrymore: 40"I always felt younger or older than my year, and I feel like this is the first age that feels like where I'm at in my life. This one, I actually feel like everything makes sense."

Nicola Peltz: 85"You can do whatever, dress however, and say whatever. Plus, ice cream for breakfast!"

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