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Packing for a trip ain't easy. You don't want to take too much—but you don't want to take too little, either. So we went ahead and gathered these six tricks to help you get ready for your next jaunt.

The One-Outfit Wonder

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Going away for one night only? Wear the same ensemble the entire trip (save for a clean pair of drawers). Nobody will notice—or judge you.

The Single-Suitcase Wedding

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For a wedding weekend out of town, rent a dress and have it sent straight to your hotel. Then make a hair and makeup appointment so you don’t have to lug all those extra products and hair tools.

The Girls' Weekend Hair Hack

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Task each girlfriend to bring a certain item—Susan brings the blow-dryer, Mel’s got the flat iron, Brooke’s schlepping the shampoo and conditioner, etc. After all, you’ve shared everything with them before, haven’t you?

The Au Naturel Beach Bag

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Make room by leaving your makeup bag and hair dryer at home. Buy the SPF when you get there and bring two outfits per day: one for the beach and one for whatever you've got planned each night.

The Relative Mooch

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Your mother-in-law has toothpaste…and an iron…and 27 umbrellas. Never, ever pack these things.

The Roll Technique

Hey, did you know that clothing packs smaller when you roll it? Watch our ultimate packing video before heading out of town. And remember: If you still don’t have room for something, you can always buy it there.