6 Things We're Super-Excited for at SXSW 2015

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If there is one thing that SXSW spawns, it's a lot of "insider" guides to Austin. That's because Austin is one of those cities that people feel passionate about. It has its own unique vibe, thriving food scene, countless music venues, and a burgeoning tech community that makes it a more laid-back Silicon Valley. But the fact of the matter is, if you're attending SXSW as one of the 33,000 badge holders, all you'll be seeing of Austin is a small 10-block radius around the Convention Center. Save yourself some stress and plan another trip Austin to sight-see. Instead, milk SXSW for all that it is -- a magical melding of digital dreamers, indie film makers, musical rabble-rousers, and international thought leaders. As we pack our bags and head to Austin today, here are a few of things were most excited to see.

1. Breakfast (or more like brunch) with The Breakfast Club.To celebrate the film's 30th anniversary, a newly remastered version of the teen angst masterpiece is being shown on Monday at 12:15 p.m. Bring a latte and hear Molly Ringwald and Ally Sheedy talk about their experiences making the film.

2. Jimmy Kimmel is this year's Seth Meyers.At SXSW 2014, you couldn't walk a foot without seeing Seth Meyers's smiling face on a billboard, flyer, or in person at a panel or a party. This year's late-night darling is Jimmy Kimmel, who will be drilled about his own comedic genius as the subject of a live Q&A session on Saturday.

3. There are funny people everywhere.In addition to Kimmel, some of the funniest people in show business will be in town, showing off new films, TV shows and hosting events, including Russell Brand, Will Ferrell, Melissa McCarthy, Billy Crystal, and Amy Schumer.

4. Cutting-edge street style.Traditionally, SXSW has not exactly been a hotbed of fashion trends, with sneakers and oversize plaid shirts being the dominate attire. This year, the style quota is officially being upped a few notches with the introduction of SXStyle, which features five days of panels and discussions on the merging of tech and fashion. We expect to see not only chic spring looks, but the latest in wearable technology out and about.

5. Ryan Gosling's directorial film debut.The release of Gosling's directorial debut, Lost River, is still not set in stone, sofans of the actor should not miss the chance to see the dreamy star in person and hear him seriously discuss move-making. He sits down with director Guillermo Del Toro on Friday to hash it out.

6. #FeelingBeautiful as we discuss social media with some very smart ladies.On Friday afternoon at 5 p.m., I'm sitting down with Amanda De Cadenet, Katherine Schwarzenegger and Gabi Gregg to talk about social media, how it affects our egos, and what we can all do to make our streams a more confidence-boosting place. Others will be picking up the conversation on positivity and empowerment on Saturday with Dove at the Ipsos Girl's Lounge. On Sunday, we're going to listen to our friend Lori Leibovich from RealSimple.com discuss #Unfiltered: Do Women Need To Get Real On Instagram? with Busy Phillips, Stacy London and Buzzfeed's Ashley Ford.

Stay tuned to InStyle.com for updates on the must-know SXSW buzz.

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