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Weekend Makeup
Credit: amysynnott/Instagram

Did you spend the weekend playing water polo inside a bottle of rosé? Give in to the siren call of fried clams and cronuts? For those who live by the maxim, “work hard, play hard,” Monday morning can be a bitter wakeup call. Thankfully for your mug, I’ve done quite a bit of cosmetic reconnaissance (not to mention cronut crushing) during my tenure at InStyle—and I’m happy to share my tricks. Herewith, six products that will get you up and glowing (no matter how violent your hangover was yesterday).

Technically a highlighter, this sheer nude concealer is literally the only concealer that doesn’t leave a trace of stucco under your eyes. It is completely invisible, imparting a subtle brightening effect that takes the edge off dark circles.

Thick, rounded silicone pads create the perfect arc without pinching your upper lid—or creasing your lashes.

This multipurpose stain makes you look like you’ve just been frollicking in the Scottish highlands with Ewan McGregor. It is the closest thing to a genuine, wind whipped flush I’ve found in 20 years.

When your lips feel as dry and flaky as phyllo dough, red lipstick is not your friend. On the contrary, a hydrating balm with a flattering soft rosy hue can make even the most parched morning lips look pillowy and inviting. This hybrid lip color/treatment is especially flattering on fair skin ones (try the deeper Berry Shine if you have darker skin).

This cult formula is like a Wonder Bra for your lashes—it lengthens, thickens and lifts them up. It’s also transfer resistant, so you never need to worry about pigment migrating to your upper eyelid.

Anyone who sleeps on their face (and forgets to remove daily "disposable" contacts) knows the price: puffy, beady red eyes. This peach-hued pencil—which has a shimmery side and a matte side—completely neutralizes that angry gerbil effect. Use the sparkly end on the inner corners of the eyes to catch the light and on the upper brow bones to lift the lid. Line the inner rims of eyes with the matte side of the pencil—it’ll nix any redness and make the whites of your eyes pop.