6 Fun Conversation Starters For The Weekend

Photo: Nick Briggs/ITV for MASTERPIECE; Rex/Rex USA; INFphoto.com; HBO; Courtesy Photo (5)

Need something to talk about other than gorging during the holidays and New Year's resolutions? See below for six instant conversation starters you can use all weekend!

1. Downton Abbey comes back this Sunday! Marvel at Lady Sybil's fashion, find out what shoes they wear under those big skirts, and other fun things! Surely, someone in your social circle is into this (if it isn't you!).2. Bikinis are in season for celebrities!3. Follow the yellow polish road! OPI is releasing a collection of Oz-inspired lacquers.4. We're already on celebrity baby watch 2013!5. Girls, Girls, Girls! There's a new promo clip out.6. Nineties revival! Herbal Essences classic scents are back, and Jane cosmetics!

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