5 Trends That Resurrection's Devin Kelley Is Dying to Bring Back to Life

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Before reprising her role as Dr. Maggie Langston in this Sunday's season two premiere of ABC's Resurrection, actress Devin Kelley stopped by the InStyle office to chat with our editors. Her lips were sealed on what we can expect from the undead residents of Arcadia, but Kelley did spill on the trends from seasons past that she'd kill to bring back. "I grew up in the '90s, so I've definitely resurrected many looks from my youth lately, including overalls, jelly shoes, and, of course, Doc Martens," Kelley quipped. "But there are a couple of others that I'd like to see come back, too." For the record, we second her choices!

Parachute Pants

"Harem pants and drop crotch pants are really in right now, but I think we should take it a step further and fully re-embrace parachute pants. They can be dressed up or down, they're ridiculously comfy, and they can save you in the event of an emergency landing. It's time to bring back Hammertime."

The "Rachel" Cut

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"What better way to commemorate the 20th anniversary of Friends this year than by bringing back Rachel Green's infamous haircut?"

Punky's Mismatched Sneaks

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"As a kid, Punky Brewster was my idol. I wanted to dress like her and talk like her. I even wanted to name my baby sister after her (fortunately for my sister, my parents opted for "Lauren" instead). My favorite of Punky's quirks was her mismatched high-top sneakers. They were never the same color and they were always rad."

Glam 1960s Waves

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"We film Resurrection in Atlanta, where humidity is a force to be reckoned with, especially for those of us who have naturally curly hair. I would love for the au natural look of the '60s to come back. No make up, no hair products--just sun-kissed skin, freckles, and crazy curls."


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"Except for Carrie Bradshaw's in the opening credits of Sex and the City, I don't know if the tutu has ever really been trendy, but I want to wear one. I want to dance around in it, and I want that to be socially acceptable."

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