By Sydney Mondry
Updated Jan 24, 2016 @ 2:45 pm
Treadmill - Lead
Credit: Getty Images

Whether you’re a seasoned runner or a treadmill newbie (good for you, sticking with that New Year’s resolution!), you may unknowingly be breaking a few cardinal rules. In order to get the scoop on the most common treadmill transgressions, we turned to Debora Warner, the founder of Mile High Run Club, a destination for group treadmill classes located in NoHo, N.Y.C. Before you hit the gym this weekend, take a look at Warner’s top tips.

Create Some Space “Running too close or ‘hugging’ the console restricts range of motion and stride length,” says Warner.

Lighten Up Warner advises against “pounding the feet down. Treadmill runners, like outdoor runners, should take light, quick steps.”

Focus Forward Warner says that one common mistake is “bouncing up and down rather than striding forward smoothly.” She adds: “We call it vertical change. That means energy is going up and down instead of forward.”

Let it Go “Holding on to or gripping the console while running restricts arm swing,” Warner explains. “Arms should swing freely from the shoulder joint.”

Stop the Hop According to Warner, runners should never “hop off to the sides to stop rather than slowing down the speed gradually." She says, "In my opinion, it's dangerous to hop feet out to the sides, especially if the hands propping the runner up are sweaty.”