5 Things We Learned About Fashion This Week

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It’s Friday! We know how busy you've been the last few days, so catch up on InStyle's best fashion stories of the week right here.

1. There’s a new clothing line in town and it’s customizable.

Staud is an emerging fashion brand specializing in the art of customizable clothing. The brand doesn't create clothes tailored to fit your measurements; instead, it offers 13 timeless silhouettes that can be adjusted to include (or exclude) sleeves, different hem lengths, or trend-driven add-ons. Read more

2. Find out what it's really like to wear a pair of Victoria’s Secret Angel wings.

Victoria's Secret Angel Wings Lead
Tim Soter

After a year of dieting and exercising like the Angels (really!), InStyle accessories editor Danielle Prescod set out to meet Marian “Killer” Hose, the official wing-maker of the brand. Though totally and completely awesome, walking in an Angel’s shoes (or wings in this case), Prescod admits, is not easy. Read more

3. No matter the price, all sweaters pill.

Cashmere Care
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Whether your cashmere sweater is $50 or closer to $2,000, all sweaters pill. "The fluffier or lighter the knit is, the more it will pill," designer Marcia Patmos says in our Why Are Some Cashmeres So Expensive story. Learn everything about the fabric, here. Read more

4. Over-the-knee boots are so in.

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If you’ve ever seen Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman, you might say that over-the-knee boots are too sexy for the everyday, but in 2015 that's considered an old-school way of thinking. Stars like Rihanna, Emily Ratajkowski, and Rita Ora show us how it's done. Read more

5. Find out what to do if you’re going home with your date … and you’re wearing Spanx.

Spanx Lead
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Ah yes, the Bridget Jones conundrum. In our Everything Guide to Wearing Spanx, one InStyle editor gushes on her love for the trusty shapewear staple—and what to do if you're wearing Spanx on date night. Hint: It involves a quick trip to the ladies room. Read more

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