Downton Abbey Series Finale: 5 Reasons to Get Excited

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Let’s face it—Downton Abbey devotees have been through a lot. In the six seasons that the show has been on the air, we’ve watched the Crawley's carry on in the face of tragic deaths (Matthew, Sybil!) and countless scandals (a murder, a love child!).

But with the series finale airing this Sunday at 9 p.m. on PBS, the question remains: can the upstairs-downstairs crew actually end up happy? The short, spoiler-free answer is yes! All of the looming questions from the last episode will be answered (Will Edith find love? Will Thomas survive?), leaving fans with that warm and fuzzy familial feeling that Downton does best.

If you’re counting down the minutes to the final Crawley tea time, read on for five things that you can look forward to before the series comes to a close.

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1. A Surprise in Mary’s Bed
If you think that the death of Mr. Pamuk (Theo James) will go down as the most dramatic thing to happen in Mary’s bed, you're mistaken. In the final episode, another life-changing event unfolds in her sleeping quarters.

2. A Familiar Face Returns
Since Downton has had so many amazing revolving cast members over the years (Shirley MacLaine, Lily James, Paul Giamatti), many fans have been speculating if any would come back for the finale. Expect one fan favorite to appear, who will help strengthen Lord and Lady Grantham's bond.

3. A New Adventure for Tom
After Sybil’s tragic demise, we have all been silently rooting for Tom to find his niche in the aristocratic world. Now that he’s back at Downton for good, you'll finally see where he will focus his energy—both personally and professionally.

4. A Series-long Rivalry is Squashed
Two major characters, who have long been at odds, will finally settle their differences in the finale. This one isn’t hard to figure out (ahem, sisters), but it's highly anticipated nonetheless.

5. A Major Makeover
And we’re not talking fashion. One female character will go through a major hair transformation in the episode. The outfits in the final scene don’t disappoint either.

Watch the series finale of Downton Abbey this Sunday at 9 p.m. on PBS.

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