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The Bachelor's Women Tell All Episode
Credit: David Moir/ABC

In the long-standing tradition of The Bachelor, the "Women Tell All" special airs one week before the season concludes (i.e. we have to wait another week for Chris Soules to pick his leading lady). The show, which unites the eliminated contestants, is usually full of explosive moments and unresolved tension---and this season was no exception. In case you missed it: Here are five things to know from the show's tumultuous reunion.

1. Britt Shed a Lot of Tears

And we mean a lot. It may have been a record in Bachelor history—the tears started flowing almost as soon as the episode aired, as Britt engaged in an epic quarrel with Carly."You've pretty much narrated my entire love story for the past three weeks, can I just talk?" Britt asked her. Cat fight aside, it seemed that that Britt's sadness was mostly coming from a place of heartache: When Chris Harrison asked her if she had fallen in love with Chris [Soules], she replied that she was "this close."

2. Kelsey Explains Her "Amazing" Story

When Kelsey took the hot seat with Harrison, she was not met warmly by the other women. However, she did use the time to set the record straight on one thing: her use of the word "amazing" in regard to her husband's story and tragic death. "What's amazing is that I had a husband who loved me and I loved him and we built a life together and then he died," she told Harrison. "What is also amazing is that I am healing. I survived that."

3. There May Be More Ashley S. to Look Forward To

Ashley S.
Credit: David Moir/ABC

Keeping on par with her reputation throughout the season, Ashley S. shocked us in more ways than one when she took center stage. The quirky castmate gifted Harrison an onion (a nod to her famous "pomegranate" scene), and randomly blurted out that she "likes to ride bikes" when asked to describe herself. But her poise and calm demeanor was surprising—we might even go as far to say refreshing—in light of the episode's dramatic tone. The best part? When Harrison practically begged her to join an upcoming season of Bachelor in Paradise. We sincerely hope she considers it!

4. Kaitlyn Confronts Bachelor Chris

Fan favorite Kaitlyn wasn't shy when it came to asking Soules why he didn't give her the courtesy of a private reprieve during her elimination so late in the season. “I just had zero reason to believe that I was done and I don’t want you to sugar coat it," she told Prince Farming. “I’m just looking for a genuine answer." Perhaps her boldness speaks to why she was so beloved by viewers (not to mention Soules's pick for The Bachelorette’s Season 11).

5. Chris Harrison Moonlights as ... a Novelist?

Yes, you read that right. Perhaps the most shocking moment of The Women Tell All was when Chris Harrison introduced his new romance novel, The Perfect Letter, at the end of the episode. The book comes out May 19 and developed from an encounter the host had with Nicholas Sparks about five years ago at an event. We have to admit we're more than a little intrigued.

The Bachelor finale airs next Monday, March 9, at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.