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When Maze Runner: Scorch Trials hits theaters today, get ready to see Katherine McNamara kick some major ass onscreen. She stars as Sonya, the co-leader of a group of teenagers who escaped from a maze experiment in the second installment of the dystopian society trilogy, which is based on James Dashner's young adult book series of the same name. McNamara recently stopped by InStyle's New York City offices to give us the scoop on the movie, and she revealed what it was like to play one of the newest "Gladers," aka the teens who survived life inside the maze.

"I've never really played such a badass character before," she told InStyle. "I tried to put myself in her situation and thought about what I would do if the world ended." While she took inspiration from her character's portrayal in the books, McNamara gave Sonya a bit of extra edge. "I wanted to bring my own flair to the role," she said.

Her character's deadly wardrobe certainly had her looking fierce—and it also piqued the interest of McNamara's co-stars. "I was wearing ripped jeans, and I had a hatchet and a gut knife strapped to my leg underneath," she said. "On set, the guys would come up to me and ask to see my hatchet for a minute. I'd let them do it—but I always told them that they had to be careful since I'd be in trouble if they hurt themselves!" Scroll down for five things she revealed about Maze Runner: Scorch Trials, in theaters today.

1. There won't be any dull moments.
"You find out that the Gladers' troubles are far from over, even though they got out of the maze and think they're safe," said McNamara. "And there are much worse things waiting for them in the 'Scorch,' which is basically the rest of the world."

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2. There's more to fear than WCKD, the organization that put the Gladers in the Maze.
"The entire world was scorched by solar flares, and it's basically deteriorated and come to nothing," she said. "Now, part of the aftermath is that the C.D.C. released a disease that turns people into zombie-like cannibalistic carnivores. It slowly makes you go crazy, and they end up being worse than zombies because they're not actually dead."

3. There's a reason why the Gladers were chosen in the first place.
"There are a few people left after a few generations who are immune, and the kids in the maze are all immune to the disease," said McNamara. "That's why WCKD put them in the maze, to try to test why they were immune and use their blood or abilities to create a cure."

4. There's more than one maze.
"In the second film, you find out that the characters from the first film weren't in the only maze," she said. "There's more than one, and that's where my character comes in. She was the second-in-command in another maze that was all girls and one guy—it was kind of like a sister maze to the original one, and so each maze has characters that are parallel to each other."

5. There's more power in numbers.
"My parallel is Newt, played by Thomas Brodie-Sangster," said McNamara. "He's more tactical and strategical as opposed to brute force. And then Natalie Emmanuel's character, Harriet, and I are part of a resistance to WCKD. We end up finding the Gladers and banding together with them."

Check out the trailer for Maze Runner: Scorch Trials below.