Lennon and Maisy
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Musical sisters Lennon and Maisy recently stopped by the InStyle offices, and to say we were excited was an understatement. The Nashville dwellers (and Nashville stars) were in town for their first New York Fashion Week, where they had a blast taking in the runway shows from the front row.

There's so many reasons to love Lennon, 15, and Maisy, 11, but here are our top 5:

1. They're crazy talented.Not only do they play singing siblings Maddie and Daphne Conrad on the hit TV show Nashville, but they can belt it out in real life as well. The duo treated us to a few songs (swoon!), including a cover of The Lumineers's hit "Ho Hey" that was beyond incredible. Check out a recording of them performing the song at the Grand Ole Opry below.

2. They make the most of every opportunity that comes their way."Being with the cast is the best part of being on Nashville," Lennon shared. "Everyone in the cast is so cool and so genuine. Learning from them is really great." They also acknowledge that as their first acting gig, being on the series has really opened doors for them. "We've gotten so many new opportunities from being on the show, which is really fun," Maisy said. "And I love to do auditions, it's so fun, so that part is great."

3. They have good heads on their shoulders.While the duo deals with the expected trials of growing up in the spotlight, they take notes from those their pro cast-mates in how to deal with it all. "I definitely look up to Hayden Panettiere as far as being professional, and I always strive to be like that," Lennon said. "She works so hard, is so respected, and is known for being a complete professional. That's a big thing for me." And her sister agreed: "We look up a lot to Hayden," Maisy said. "She is so professional with everything. We always ask Hayden for advice."

4. They're hilarious.It was evident from the moment they walked in the room that Lennon and Maisy are total balls of energy, albeit Maisy a bit more so. The pair was cracking jokes left and right all throughout their visit, and they kept us constantly laughing.

Maisy and Lennon
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5. Hello, they're so stylish.Lennon showed up in a dreamy lace Free People dress and matching knee-high boots ("The traditional Southern prep is definitely not my style," she said), while Maisy opted for coated skinnies and adorable floral kicks. "I wear Dr. Martens all the time," Maisy said. "Then there's no chance that I'll fall down in heels! I brought probably 20 pairs of Dr. Martens on this trip—I have a whole suitcase full."

Maisy and Lennon

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