Watch Tonight: Animal Lover Beth Stern on National Geographic's New Show Spoiled Rotten Pets

Beth Stern
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Are you an animal lover? So is Beth Stern, and she's taking her undying love for furry (and feathered) friends to the airwaves for all to see. Tonight at 9/8c, the National Geographic Channel premieres Spoiled Rotten Pets, a show about how owners spoil and pamper their little loved ones, and we had a chance to chat with star and host Beth Stern about some of creatures she encountered while filming the first season. Scroll down learn about more about how she delved into the lavish lifestyles of pets—and just who is more cuddly: her own pets or her husband, Howard Stern.

1. This show features owners dressing up pets. What's the most elaborate outfit you've seen?
Beth Stern: "I was able to attend a doggie wedding where the bride wore a custom made gown of taffeta and satin—the quality of the dress was nicer than a lot of the human weddings I’ve been to. Then, there was Sofia the Pomeranian, who at her “barkmitzvah” had a choice of five different white dresses and she chose a white eyelet one. I was laughing because this is ridiculous—but she literally sniffed each dress, walked back and forth and then sat on one. She picked it! She was so good and patient when we put it on her."

2. Aside from wardrobe envy, what do you hope people take away from the show?
"People who are true animal lovers are going to really relate to it a lot, and they’re going to laugh at some of the extreme measures people go to to spoil their pets. But I think it will probably inspire people to spoil their pets just a little bit more."

3. For all the pet owners out there, do you have a trick for getting pet hair out of clothes?
"In every single one of my purses, even my little satin clutch and my tiny Chanel bag, I always carry a lint roller. I keep them in every drawer, in every desk and nightstand. I just buy those at the dollar store in bulk. I’m always rolling my husband [Howard Stern], too. He wears all black and our cat Walter is white, so I just take the roller and roll him down."

4. Do you have rules for your pets?
"No! They can do whatever they want. I have a 22-pound black cat on my desk right now, he’s sleeping and snoring. He’s like an old man on my desk."

5. Who’s more lovable: Your pets or your husband?
"My husband is a big softy and he is so lovable. He is very much like my pets in that I love to cuddle him. So they’re equal!"

Spoiled Rotten Pets premieres on the National Geographic Channel, Saturday, April 20 at 9/8c.

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