5 Planners to Help You Start the New Year Off on the Right Foot

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At this point, you've likely made at least a few resolutions for the coming year. But of all the lofty goals you've set for yourself in 2015—getting fit, eating better, quitting smoking—one that's all too often overlooked is time management-- a strange truth considering that if you exercise better control over your schedule, you can better regulate all of the above! And even though there are a plethora of digital assistants out there to help you streamline your days and weeks (what's up, Siri?), sometimes, we prefer good old-fashioned pen and paper to really hash out appointments and ideas. Here are five planners we're eyeing that'll make getting organized in the New Year a pleasure.

12-Month Agenda, Kate Spade; $40.

In need of an extra dose of inspiration? Each month in this polka-dot agenda kicks off with a lighthearted suggestion, like "Lose your head in the clouds" or "Flirt with a handsome stranger."

Mon Cahier Planner, Poketo; $34.

Francophiles will know that the name of this journal translates to "My Notebook" in French, and with it you can schedule upcoming events by year, month, week, and day if you so desire. There also isn't a specific start date, so you can begin planning as early as you please.


Soho Diary, Smythson; $281.

This fancy croc-print diary features to-do lists that accompany each week so you can ensure you'll accomplish all of your tasks. The handy slip pocket in the back is also crucial for keeping track of loose receipts and dry cleaning bills.

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2015 Pocket Datebook, Graphic Image; $38.

This goatskin leather datebook may be the brainwork of lifestyle blogger Kat Tanita of with love from Kat, but it can be personalized with your namesake, or a message of your choosing.


Le Petit Prince Weekly Notebook Planner, Moleskine; $25.

Part of a special collaboration, this datebook celebrates Antoine de Saint-Exupéry's famous character with themed illustrations and limited-edition stickers-- because everything is infinitely more entertaining when stickers are involved.

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