Peter Pan Live memorable moments
Credit: NBC

Thanks to soaring vocals, fancy footwork, and some sturdy wires, the highly anticipated Peter Pan Live! took off without a hitch on NBC on Thursday night. The can't-miss television event—which dominated Twitter as viewers shared their thoughts throughout the broadcast—starred Allison Williams as the titular hero Peter Pan and Christopher Walken as the villainous Captain Hook.

While there was plenty to take in during the musical's three-hour running time (including some brand new songs, a muscular Smee, and one seriously colorful crocodile) we narrowed down the five most memorable moments from Peter Pan Live!

1. Allison Williams Soars During "I'm Flying"

This is arguably one of the most difficult numbers in Peter Pan, so expectations were pretty high for this one. The Girls star hit all the right notes (and a British accent to boot) and made us soar right along with her. Marnie, and Mary Martin, would be proud. (In addition to her impressive vocal range, Williams also croaked out some good crows during the broadcast.)

2. Christopher Walken? More Like Christopher Dancin!

It didn't matter that the legendary actor wasn't the best singer of the bunch (though he sure did know how to hold a note, even during commercial breaks), his dance moves more than made up for it. During the new tune "Vengeance" we all got to experience Walken's masterful tap dancing skills.

3. The Kids of Peter Pan Live! Never Want to Grow Up

Perhaps the most beloved song in the entire show, the Peter Pan Live! cast, including all the talented youngsters who appeared in the broadcast, radiated pure, mischievous joy and sounded great as an ensemble. Admit it, you sang along at home.

4. Minnie Driver's Cameo

We got to hear the Oscar-nominated actress throughout the show (she narrated Peter Pan Live!), but we finally got to see hear at the end of the show as grown-up Wendy. Driver was excellent, as expected, we only wish she had more on-screen time.

5. Nana Does It All—Even Turning Down a Bed!

With all due respected to the singing, dancing Peter Pan Live! cast, Nana the dog may have stolen the entire show. Not only did the well-behaved pooch hit all of its marks, but she even turned down a bed. Now, that's talent.