5 Inspiring Companies That Will Make You Want to Shop on #GivingTuesday

Sackcloth x Ashes
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After the whirlwind shopping extravaganza that is Black Friday and Cyber Monday, it's time to give back with Giving Tuesday. While many companies will be donating percentages of sales to designated charities, today we're feeling inspired by five websites that make giving a year-round initiative. Scroll down to check out the sites you'll feel good about shopping today and beyond.


"Fewer, better things" is the mantra of this site featuring minimalistic clothing and accessories from high-quality materials. Select Lean Closet at checkout and Cuyana will send you a reusable, prepaid bag to mail back with clothing donations, along with a code for $10 off your next purchase. Head to cuyana.com to start shopping.


This site is like Toms but not just for shoes. Help students in need of books, kids who have undergone trauma, and injured firefighters, among others, by purchasing handmade merchandise and raffle tickets for unique experiences. See what you could experience now by heading to mygoodness.com.


Design your own boho stompers by pairing one of four boot styles with any one of dozens of textile choices. Your creations will be assembled by fair-wage artisans in Guatemala, which beats "I got them at the mall." Visit teysha.is to start creating your pair now.

Sackcloth & Ashes

The concept isn't unlike the one-for-one companies we've come to know, for every blanket bought at this online retailer, one is donated to a local homeless shelter. However, the story that inspired this company makes this brand stand out from the crowd. “In the summer of 2013, my beautiful mother became homeless. She has two college degrees, managed restaurants, raised my sister and me on her own, and worked so hard to move us from our apartment to a home," founder Bob Dalton told Instagram. Unable to find or help is mother during this time, he began to call homeless shelters to ask what they needed. "They all said blankets." And thus his company was born. Shop the blankets at sackclothandashes.com.


Forget about Black Friday, it's all about Soma Black! The sustainable water filter company has issued a limited-edition filter that not only looks great but will provide access to clean drinking water to one person in Cambodia. But you have to hurry! They're selling out fast. Go to drinksoma.com/black to shop the filter now.

—With reporting by Faye Penn

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