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Oh, spring. As we eagerly anticipate your arrival of warmer, sunnier days (not to mention the return of pastels), we’re also counting down the hours until we can pack away our overused snow boots once and for all. Well, at least until next winter. But while we are gearing up for a season of garden parties and open-toed shoes, we also find ourselves among the masses preparing for the ultimate homegrown showdown: Spring cleaning.

We’ll be the first to admit that our digs are in need of some serious tough love, and you’ll find that we’re pretty high on the list of violators when it comes to expired makeup (like that three-year-old blue eyeliner) and hoarding outdated cellphone chargers. Seriously, where do those all come from? Nonetheless, we’ve turned to our friends at Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day to help us hunker down with some simple DIY projects to transform our winter-weathered residences into a clutter-free spring dream.

The Hook Up

Keep your baubles untangled with this easy DIY jewelry organizer. Frame a pretty piece of paper in a wooden border, simply add pin hooks and voilà! You’ve just created a perfectly curated, no-nonsense home for your most prized pieces.

Rethink Wall Art

Swing your way into rustic elegance by stringing some nautical rope through a wooden plank for a whimsical, swing-like shelf that will lend a hand to any living room wall in need of a pick-me-up.

Forest Fairies

Your love of the outdoors doesn’t have to come to a halt at the welcome mat. Forage for some small sticks in your neighborhood park and hot glue them to a standard glass vase for an earthy, organic way to house your greens.

Ware It’s At

All you need to free up some coveted counter (or drawer) space is a block of wood, some mason jars and a few hose clamps. This country-inspired, easy-to-make wall unit doubles as a chic vase arrangement for your May flowers when it tires of your utensils.

Revive Your Space

Forgo the chemically saturated air fresheners and inject a breath of fresh air into your springtime-ready space with Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day Basil products. Equal parts indulgent and reviving, the crisp scent of basil will propel you into the season with the pick-me-up you need.