By Rita Kokshanian
Jun 19, 2014 @ 4:53 pm
Talisman Brolin

When it comes to cars, few are more American than the Ford Mustang. Since its debut in 1965, the Mustang has become a pop culture icon that represents the spirit of the open road and freedom. This year, Ford is celebrating the Mustang's 50th birthday with a sleek new 2015 design as well as a 15-piece T-shirt collection. Designers Pamela Love, Anna Sui, Paula Cademartori, Rogan and COTE have each dreamt up three Mustang-inspired tees for the collection. We caught up with Love in her New York City studio to get the inside scoop on her inspiration for the designs and why she decided to collaborate with the Mustang.

"There's something about the Mustang that just really speaks to us, to me, to my team, and I think to my customer," Love (above) tells "My brand is made in America and we're very interested in sort of telling the story of something that's very Americana and truly inspired by freedom and adventure."

Love founded her eponymous jewelry line in 2006 when she began making jewelry in her Brooklyn apartment. Since then, she has won six CFDA awards and expanded her line to include all types of jewelry as well as sunglasses. Love uses mostly recycled metals for her pieces as well as ethically sourced gemstones.

Talisman Brolin

The three T-shirts she designed for Mustang's 50th anniversary seamlessly combine the aesthetic of both brands. Love worked with her husband, an illustrator, on the designs. "[We looked] at the ideas of what the Pamela Love girl would connect to about the story of the Mustang," Love says. The "Lovestang" shirt is not only a mashup of her name and the car's, but also incorporates metallic silver (a nod to the metals used in her jewelry) and red. Another T-shirt features a keychain adorned with pieces from Love's collection as well as the Mustang emblem. The third (and Love's favorite) is a drawing of the rearview mirror of a Mustang, with Pamela Love necklaces hanging from it. In the reflection, we see a girl wearing Pamela Love sunglasses.

"I wanted to create something that was sort of cinematic with artifacts of a story, and to explore the role that mustang has played in American iconography and history," Love says.

Pamela Love's and the four other designers' T-shirts will be available this fall. Until then, check out 17 statement making graphic tees in our gallery!