By EJ Briones
Updated Apr 07, 2015 @ 8:01 am
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Coachella is just around the corner, and if you're going, we'll bet that you're already thinking about what to wear. And while the weekend may be fun for you, it's certainly not so easy on your shoes. Scuffs, scratches, soaked in booze... all very real hazards while braving the bands, and certainly not something you want to expose your designer sandals to.

The key is to buy a pair of shoes that are cute but also inexpensive, and thereby designate them as your summer "I don't care what happens to them" footwear. Shop our top picks below.


Kick off festival season with one of spring's top shoe trends.

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Forever 21 sandal, $20;


When walking from the tents to the stage, sneakers are an obvious choice. Save your Stan Smiths from destruction and opt for these denim numbers from H&M instead.

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H&M sneakers, $18;


Looking for something easy to slip off while chilling in the grassy field? Try these Southwestern-inspired slides. Festive, but more importantly, functional.

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American Eagle by Payless, $13,

Ankle Boots

Fringe is a Coachella classic, and you'll be thankful for the durability of these boots in a crowded dance tent.

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Target boots, $40;


Echoing the scenery, these palm-tree printed espadrilles from Aeropastle couldn't fit in any better.

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Aeropostale espadrilles, $18;