The 5 Best Sheet Masks on the Market Right Now

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South Korea's serious—if not fanatical—dedication to skincare makes any beauty treatment that comes out of the country full of porcelain-skinned faces easy to trust (hello, BB cream!), and sheet masks are no exception.

Don't let the Jason Voorhees look scare you. Like a shot of espresso for your skin, these serum-soaked sheets provide an instant pick-me-up, taking you from dull and dry to hydrated, baby-smooth skin nirvana in a half-hour or less. Masks come individually wrapped and, with no need to rinse your face after use (just massage any extra product into your face, hands, and décolletage), they are a girl-on-the-go's best friend.

We love sheet masks for a quick fix when we're looking especially lifeless after a long flight, or for when we downed too many glasses of Pinot the night before our sister's wedding. And now, we're sharing our top five:

Best for Brightening: SK-II


Why We Love It: Each Brightening Source Derm Revival Mask (10 for $170; contains a full bottle's worth of the company's famous Brightening Derm Specialist serum, guaranteeing a more balanced, brighter complexion.

Best for Moisturizing: La Mer


Why We Love It: Creamy, luxurious, and fortified with the legendary La Mer Miracle Broth, the La Mer Hydrating Facial mask (6 for $250; provided us an hour-long facial's worth of moisture in 10 minutes.

Best for Firming: Dr. Jart


Why We Love It: The All That Lift & Firm mask (5 for $35; from the Dr. Jart Prescriptment Mask Collection features two pieces: one for the top half of the face and one for the lower half and jawline. Each stretches to fit individual contours and better infuse skin with its caffeine-based formula that firms skin and relieves swelling.

Best for Evening Skin Tone: Perfective Ceuticals


Why We Love It: Hydrolyzed Collagen and a blend of seven extracts, including licorice and mulberry root, in the Perfective Ceuticals Divine Brightening Mask (5 for $49; work to inhibit the production of melanin and reduce the appearance of discoloration, leaving skin even and rejuvenated.

Best for Sensitive Skin: Dolce & Gabbana


Why We Love It: The ultra-lush Dolce & Gabbana Aurealux mask (6 for $169; is saturated with D&G's Gold Flavo-Silk Tricomplex, a blend of gold silk sericin (from silk worms), olive oil, and vitamin B3. It treated our most sensitive skin without any future irritation.

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