5 Apps That Will Make Your Holiday Shopping a Breeze

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It's getting close to holiday crunch time, and if you're anything like us, your shopping strategy could probably use a refresh. Whether you're looking to score deals, place orders painlessly via your smartphone, or keep tabs on those seemingly endless promo codes and coupons, we've rounded up the downloads that'll help you gift with ease.


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No more digging through your "deleted items" folder looking for those tracking numbers: Use this handy app to keep track of all of your online orders in one place. Register with your email address and Slice will automatically pick up tracking numbers each time you make a purchase so that you can view your delivery details and e-receipts all in one place. Even better: If a price drops after your buy, Slice will notify you and provide the details of how to go about getting an adjustment.


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Perfect for browsing gifts during your commute or while you're stuck standing in line at Starbucks, the Spring app lets you shop more than 800 brands in one place. Thanks to the smart one-click checkout, you'll only have to enter your credit card information once, no matter how many different brands you make purchases from. Bonus: New users get 20% off their first order.


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Sign up with the email address you use when shopping online (yes, you can enter multiple email accounts if you use more than one to make purchases), and Shopami will aggregate all of your email offers, promo codes, and rewards points so that you never miss a deal. When an offer is about to expire, Shopami will send you an alert. You can also enable location notifications to receive alerts when you're in close proximity to a store location that accepts one of your offers.


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When you've got a to-do list that's a mile long, an app that takes the thinking out of what to gift can be a godsend. Lyst partners with designers and brands to bring you the best of their offerings all in one place, then lets you "follow" your favorites so that you can discover the latest pieces and breaking sale alerts on your own personalized feed.


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In between checking items off your gift list, you might be browsing for holiday party looks for yourself (hey, you deserve it after all!). Download Wishi to call in the pros when it comes time to plan your perfect outfit. You can upload images of new purchases and pieces you already have in your closet, then enlist the help of a pro stylist to mix and match your pieces into seasonally-appropriate looks.

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