4 Reasons Why We're Obsessing Over the iPhone 6 (Plus Some Pretty Rad Cases)

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It's official: Apple has us hooked yet again. It's only been two weeks since we got our hands on the sleek (and, if we may say, stylish) iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, and we're already wondering how we ever did without some of the easy-to-use new features. Here are four reasons to consider upgrading ASAP.

1. We're taking selfies like never before. The front-facing camera feature has a few new tricks, like "burst" mode, which lets us snap a series of shots in a row so we can choose your best one before uploading it to Instagram. The iSight lens also has a new sensor for sharper focus. Looking to up your videographer cred? More dramatic slo-mo shots and a time-lapse feature will turbocharge your amateur shoots. #NoFilter needed.

2. It feeds our video addiction. Whether we're streaming the latest runway shows or binge-watching Netflix, the iPhone 6 allows us to run 14 hours of video on battery life alone. Plus, the rotating screen display (4.7 inches on the 6 and a whopping 5.5 on the 6 Plus) lets us catch the best view, no matter what angle we're holding the phone--a game-changer on bumpy commutes.

3. Keeping tabs on our daily exercise is a cinch. The built-in M8 Motion Processor has advanced sensors that gather data on exactly what type of physical activities we're doing. That means it can tell whether we're walking, biking, or even climbing uphill, then keeps tabs on these steps on our dashboard on the iOS 8 Health app.

4. We're upping our case game with these cool new covers. The first crop of cases sized to fit the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus just dropped. Here are a few of our faves.

SkinIt's customizable cases ($25; skinit.com)


Grovemade's walnut cases ($99; grovemade.com)


OtterBox's triple-layer protective cases ($60; otterbox.com)


Sonix's metallic cases ($39; sonixcases.com)


Apple's leather cases ($45; apple.com)


Speck's credit card-storing cases ($40; speckproducts.com)


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