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When it comes to the '90s, one of the things we miss most is curling up for the TGIF lineup on television, and there's no gal we wanted as our bestie more than Danielle Fishel. Fishel, who played Topanga Lawrence on the long-running Boy Meets World, has rebooted the role on the Disney Channel's Girl Meets World, and she just published a seriously-funny memoir. We had the chance to sit down with the 33-year-old at the InStyle offices, and we can confirm that our girl crush is still going strong! Here's why we wish she was our BFF for real:

1. She's the ultimate girl-next-door muse.As if Fishel's gorgeous locks aren't enough to give us hair envy, she also has an arsenal of beauty tips to share. "My favorite makeup trick actually is putting loose powder underneath your eyes while you’re doing your eye makeup," Fishel told us. "That way if anything falls onto your face, you can just sweep it away when you’re finished." And who has she started to go to for advice? Her mom, who just graduated from makeup school!

2. We can relate to her weekend plans.We may not be stars in a television show, but we could totally hang with Fishel, who told us she sometimes spends Saturday evenings in pajamas hanging with her mom. In fact, in her memoir she writes, "When I'm home, it is guaranteed that I will be in my pajamas. I love pajamas. If I do have to go somewhere in the morning, I put on regular clothes and then immediately come home and put my pajamas back on." In other words, she GETS us.

3. She'd be our ultimate cheerleader for tough goals.Fishel devotes a chapter in her memoir to her decision to enroll in college at the age of 27 (and graduating at 31), after spending years talking herself out of it. "I love my job, but absolutely no success will ever compare to the sense of accomplishment I have for graduating from college," she writes. "Making the decision to go to school was hard for me, but I wouldn't change a thing." Major kudos to that!

4. She's got the best laugh-out-loud and aww-worthy stories.Fishel writes in her memoir about being "a total klutz" and her hilarious run-ins with celebrities. She also shares adorable behind-the-scenes moments from both Boy Meets World and Girl Meets World. To top it off, during Fishel's visit, we oooh'ed and aah'ed as she scrolled through her phone to show us gorgeous photos from her wedding last fall. Our '90s fangirl hearts are swooning!

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